Its all about the dress, ’bout the dress, ’bout the dress

Posted by on Oct 8, 2015

Indianapolis Wedding PhotographerAs soon as you say, “YES” to the proposal,  the hunt for the dress is on!  And oh what a journey.  Sleeveless, strapless, puffy sleeves, frilly, simple, full of lace, what type of bodice looks best on my body type.  And all so that you can look your absolute best on that special day when you begin the rest of your life.

The dress is possibly one of the most expensive decisions you will make.  And you want it to be PERFECT!

So here are a few hints:

1.  Don’t take too many people with you when you shop.  Your mother / surrogate mother and maid / matron of honor are plenty!  Others may not be completely honest with you and may confuse you.

2.  Go with your gut!  And make sure it feels great.  Take the opinions of others secondary to your feelings and desires. You are going to spend one of the most important days of your life in the dress.  You have to own it, wear it, walk proudly in it!

3.  Set a budget and stick with it.  Don’t be inticed to spend beyond your limits.  There are millions of options out there.  There is one for you that will look and feel fabulous without breaking the bank.

4.  On your wedding day, make sure your photographer gets some great and creative shots of “THE DRESS.”

The Fern of Westfield’s unique venue is the perfect place to capture unforgettable shots for our Hamilton County and Indianapolis brides.  Afterall, the dress will go in a box in the top of the closet or to charity (more on that tomorrow) after your wedding day.

Happy shopping!  And Congratulations on your engagement!

Photo credit:  Cory & Jackie Photography

Photo credit: Cory & Jackie Photography