Your rehearsal dinner – make a great start to your wedding celebration

Posted by on Mar 5, 2016

Let the festivities begin!  Your rehearsal dinner sets the stage for the big day ahead.  What a great time to have some fun in a more relaxed environment while making sure all those involved with the wedding are ready to go when you say “I do!”

0325Traditionally, the groom’s family hosts the rehearsal dinner.  However, that tradition is often broken when both families may plan the rehearsal dinner and the wedding.  Whomever is involved in the planning and hosting, here a some quick tips:

  • Invite the wedding party, immediate families, and out of town guests.
  • Consider seating people who do not know each other together.  You likely will not do this at the wedding so use this time for those closest to you to get to know one another.
  • Having the rehearsal dinner in a private venue offers real advantages.  Privacy and the length of time allowed for your event are two huge advantages.
  • Select a more informal menu such as pasta, barbeque, or a taco bar so you do not upstage the wedding.  You can pair these with fun themed drinks such as sangria, beer or margaritas.
  • While you may distribute thank you gifts to the wedding party, don’t forget the other guests.  Even a simple thank you card to those attending, handwritten and expressing how special they are to you and how happy you are to share this time with them can make a huge impact.
  • Keep the toasts and speeches short.  Use the time for the guests to interact with you and each other.
  • Undoubtedly, something will not work exactly right over these 48 hours, but, let it go and relax!
  • Enjoy!  All the planning is done and your wedding day is nigh.  Slow down!  Take snapshots in your mind and commit them to memory.  Don’t let these days become a blur.

At The Fern of Westfield, we host many rehearsal dinners for our Indianapolis and surrounding area couples.  With indoor and outdoor spaces, from formal to informal, we are a unique and private venue for all types of events.